An Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony

It’s really a great honor for me to be invited to a friend’s wedding ceremony last month. After I came back from the spousal, I was so excited that I couldn’t calm down for a long time.


Now let me first introduce the two leading roles of this story. Mr. Philips and Miss Humphrey. A very handsome boy and a very chic girl, aren’t they. Their stories are so romantic that even I sometimes couldn’t believe it. Just like what is playing in the soap opera, both the bride and groom are animal lovers. They came across each other 3 years ago when they walk the dogs in the park. When they caught the first sight of each other, it seemed that something incredible emerged between them. That’s just digression.


Yeah, see their wedding photos. The pretty animals couldn’t miss the wedding ceremony. Look at the charmingly naïve golden retriever and the cute today, hahaha , happy family.


The brides would like to have an elegant wedding ceremony ,so they choose white as the principal color tone for their wedding ceremony. The bride pick a floor-length white gown and the groom wears an ivory suite. It just looks like that they are someone from the fairy tale———Snow white and Prince Charming.


Let me get a word in. The wedding invitation they sent me few months ago was very very impressive. Like some other young couples who would like to have unique wedding invitations, so they choose DIY wedding cards. What they printed on the wedding invitations were their two dogs. Innovated and memorable idea.

To the occasion, you can easily find that they set their wedding in the open air. The beautiful scenery in the garden provide a fabulous background for the romantic event.


Our groom group!!! Handsome gentlemen.

Yeah, then we goes with the picture of bridesmaids. Yeah ,I am a member of the group. Believe it or not! Who am I ,that’s a secret I will never tell. But thanks the hostess to pick us such beautiful but cheap bridesmaid dresses. Very comfortable and stylish. I will store them up in my closet.


The new couple also pay attention to other things such as reception and something so on. I think when I hold my wedding ,I will make it even better. Looking forward to meet my Mr right. Thank you god.




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