Versace Fall and Winter Collections 2012

The Renaissance—–Versace Autumn and Winter Collections 2012

When talking about Versace, enchanting ,gorgeous, elegant and words like that may flash into your mind. From the people’s general impression on the Brand, Versace always adopt bright tones, intricate patterns on their masterpieces so as to create a glamorous or sexy appearance. While this year, when the weather is getting colder and colder, what kind of beauty will Versace present to us, let’s see and enjoy!


It seems that Donatella Versace, the chief designer of Versace, make a little change in her design concept, focus on monochrome severity and gothic elements.


Take a overview of the Versace Autumn &Winter Collections 2012, you will find the designs are abounded with corseted minidresses . Crystal and sequins are added to the art works so as to create a gorgeous and brilliant sense. Special crucifixes add a strong religion sense.


For the reason of keeping warm, you will find sweat shirt, fluffy coat and high-topped boots among the collections.


This winter, Versace will create a totally different sense for you.


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