2012 D&G Summer Prom Dresses Collection

Summer is coming , pretty girls ,have your got your prom dresses prepared for this summer . If not ,let us catch a glimpse of what is in vogue in 2012 summer from the D&G summer fashion show.

Take a panoramic view of the show by D&G , you will find the reputable brand take a quite exaggerated and bold way in color scheme. Pink, blue, purple ,red and yellow, you will find any colors you can imagine at the show. Gorgeous color scheme bring a quite strong visual impact.

Another popular trend you can find from those design is that the Bohemia long style will lead the trend .Elegant skirts dragging down , dancing with the summer wind, which will bring you a sense as if you are walking on the seashore of Mediterranean sea. The lithe and graceful silhouette of girls are shown marginless. The smart design make those masterpieces quite suitable for summer wearing.

To the fabric, in order to make those wearers cool, the designers take soft chiffon as the principal fabric. Traditional printed patterns stress the strong summer theme .


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